My First Blogging Event!

Hello! I hope everyone has had a productive Monday! I am so excited writing this blog post I don’t know how to begin because I went to my first ever blog event this Saturday and it was amazing…

The event was created by two lovely bloggers called Giulia Smith and Ana De-Jesus (Instagram names: @giuliafsmith and @faded_spring). The event had lots of different brands there, a flower wall and gif photobooth (I was obsessed!), talks throughout the event from very inspiring bloggers on different areas of blogging and pink cocktails.

Each blogger that came to the event got a goodie bag; which I have put together an Instagram story showcasing all of this, you can find it in my highlight section. There were lots of different brands there from sunglasses to cakes to skincare. It was really good to find out about new, up and coming brands and to be able to speak to people about them that were really passionate and enthusiastic about their products.

As well as this there were talks throughout the event from really successful bloggers. Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear all of them (as I was distracted by the photobooth, flower wall and brand stalls) but I did hear two talks by Lauren Black (@imlaurenblack) on how to become a full time blogger and Valerie Wyndham (@officialsocalval)  on confidence and positivity in blogging. It was so nice to hear from such inspiring bloggers and they were so lovely too! Getting to speak to them afterwards and ask them questions was so insightful for me as a new blogger.

However, the best thing for me at the event was the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I met some really lovely people at the event and it was so nice to talk to people that had the same interests as me and discussing and sharing our blogs and social media handles!

I cannot wait for the next event and to see everyone again. Below are lots of pictures from the event I’ll be posting lots of them on Instagram too! Hope everyone has a wonderful week, and omg, how is it gonna be February already??! Speak soon xxx

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Success Book Review: How to be an overnight success…


This is the first of my monthly success blog posts. I am starting with a book review of: How to be an overnight success by Maria Hatzistefanis.

The book is written by the founder and CEO of Rodial (also Nip + Fab). The book is a great read for anyone interested in the fashion/beauty industry. I particularly liked the top tips after each chapter that focuses on a different element of the business from creating a buzz to how to ace Instagram and social media.

Maria believes “You are not born an entrepreneur. It’s a skill that you learn along the way.”  It’s an excellent conversational book and I think anyone who is interested in business would find the book interesting and informative. Not only does it cover parts of the beauty business struggles but also balancing lifestyle and making sure that it doesn’t get on top of you. This is the reason why this book is so fantastic; its for a modern day entrepreneur that lives in the world of social media and the daily pressures of emails being on your phone 24/7!! I would read this book again just for the top tips.

I recently tried a Rodial product and added to my Nip + Fab collection… I started reading the book and didn’t realize that some of the skincare products I love like the shimmer leg fix from Nip + Fab was created by Maria; and I was reading her book!! The Rodial cleansing balm is such a sophisticated product; it comes in a beautiful yellow bottle. It feels like vaseline when you first put it on then once it touches water it turns into a lovely milky toner. It contains lots of wonderful ingredients that you can read here on the ASOS website… but I just love how it feels on my skin and it is so great in the mornings to wake up and brighten my skin!

To conclude… I really recommend giving this book a read, its not too long and straight to the point, it was actually quite hard to put down once I started! But a great first book to start off my inspiration monthly posts! Oh also if you haven’t already seen it click here to see my new blog video! Thanks my lovelies, enjoy the rest of your week and speak soon xxx

Click here to go to the book; its currently £8.40 on Amazon!

how to be book cover.jpg

Botanic’s Balm

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Just a quick video today using my Botanic’s Super Hydrating balm. Its 93% organics and it contains rosehip which is a fantastic ingredient for improving skin tone and texture. I’ve also heard its great for acne too. I tend to get dry skin between my nose and cheeks during the Winter and this balm has been great for soothing my skin. I also use it as a lip balm so it is a perfect handbag essential!

Click here for the link to the balm and remember use my code “BOTANICS25” for 25% off at Boots website when purchasing Botanic’s products.

The video is below I have already filmed a few more videos with my skincare routine that will be up either later this month or early February.

Also quick note… I am a brand ambassador for Botanic’s but all the content I create is my honest opinion. I would not post how much I love the products if I didn’t actually love them! ha! Hope everyone is doing well with their new years goals, speak soon xxxx

SS18 Mood Boards

As you all know I LOVE the app Polyvore, it’s so great for exploring trends, gaining inspo and shopping from high street stores to luxury brands ! I’ve put together some pieces for inspiration for the Spring Summer trends. If you want to take a look at where the products are from head to my Polyvore account.

Happy Sunday my love’s and I hope you have a great week xx






















New Year Goals

Hello! Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, it went by so fast didn’t it?? I don’t know about you but I definitely ate a lot and drank a lot over the festive period! Now its back to exercising again and trying to eat healthily… i say trying! Ha!

Its that time of year where everyone’s made new years resolutions and your struggling to actually commit to them or maybe you’ve not even bothering, thinking you won’t be able to make them last. Well this year after being inspired by all my success books I have been reading recently and also my new favourite hobby of watching Tony Robbins videos ( see previous post for more on this…). I decided that I didn’t want to make New Year resolutions this year, instead goals. By making specific goals with time constraints they feel more definite and I feel more empowered to do them. I also figured if I write a blog post about it too it will motivate me more!

Some of the goals I set for myself is for my blog, this year I am going to be creating a lot more content and be more consistent on here and my social media. Every month I will be doing the Success post; all about whats inspiring me; it might be a book, an article, video or a person. I will also be doing a video at least once a month as well as more outfit posts and I have already put together a lot of exciting bits so everyone is ready for the new trends coming up throughout the year.

Let me know how your new years goals are going… Do you feel motivated enough to continue them throughout the year? Lets set goals not resolutions, small steps to make ourselves better and happier in 2018! I hope everyone has a lovely week, speak soon xxx


Top Christmas gifts to buy at Coconut Lane!

Happy Monday lovely people! First off last week I went to my first ever fashion course and it was amazing!! I did a short personal styling course at the Fashion Retail Academy. It was so interesting and I learnt so much about colour and shapes and all the different factors that contributing to making an outfit really come together. I am definitely going to do more research into it and there’s so many books, magazines and YouTube videos that I have to look into now! I really feel like I am getting closer to my dream job of being a personal stylist…

Also, I found out about this app called Polyvore … it is soooo fun! I could spend hours on it! It allows you to create style boards and put together outfits and shop items from so many different brands from ASOS to Yves Saint Laurent. It offers menswear as well as interiors. I would really recommended it if you want to contemplate a few ideas when your not sure of what to wear at the next event your going to or if your decorating a room in your house. Its perfect for getting the creative juices flowing! I will be incorporating it into my upcoming blog posts to better explain my ideas and how to where the latest trends!

Now back to what this blog post is actually about! I cannot believe Christmas is around the corner so before Christmas I’m going to put together best Christmas present buys… starting with Coconut Lane!

If you have been following my blog for a while or seen my Instagram you’ll know I am a big fan of Coconut Lane. They do beautiful fashion accessories, home furnishings and jewelry with girly motto’s like “#GirlBoss” and my personal favourite “Nap Queen” on a cushion!

Below are a selection of my favourite pieces that I think would be perfect stocking fillers! BUT the best part is… if you use my discount code “HANNAHAUSTYN20” you can get 20% off at the checkout! Merry Christmas xxx

90’s Baby Sweathshirt just £22.40 with my code – click here to shop

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Blue Leaf Macbook skin just £13.20 with my code – Click here to shop 

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Marble Make up Brush Set just £25.60 with my code – Click here to shop


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Pink Palm Phone Case just £12 with my code – Click here to shop


Success: New item on the blog


Hope everyone is having a good week!

Firstly, I have got to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who entered my Coconut Lane giveaway. It was so exciting to do and thank you to Coconut Lane for allowing me to do the giveaway! I did pick a winner @hannahflower_90 … I am looking forward to doing my next giveaway… I am sure it will be soon.

Okay, so today’s blog post is a new item that I’m going to be featuring every week on my blog along side fashion and lifestyle: Success. Since I cannot remember I have always had a fascination with successful people and those who study success. I am always reading success books and watching motivational speeches. So i figured I may as well share these with you too as its something I am very passionate about.

The idea is that every week I will either focus on a book, person, YouTube clip or idea that has inspired me or is relevant at that point in time.

For this weeks blog post I am going to talk about the latest person that I have been researching which is Tony Robbins. I had not really heard of him until a few weeks ago when I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians (it’ll make sense in a second, bare with!). Kourtney Kardashian had been really positive and kept saying these motivational quotes and said it was down to listening to Tony Robbins. So I thought I would look him up…

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, life coach, best-selling author and philanthropist. He started helping people at the age of just 17 and now owns multiple businesses and has helped millions of people around the globe for over 40 years.

I’ve been watching a lot of his speeches on YouTube about improving motivation and his four steps to ultimate success. For me my favourite video so far is New Year, New life. It is aimed at people who have made new years resolutions but it is so relevant for any time of year!!


The best quote I got from the video was “Happiness is progress”. I love this quote so much I’m gonna get it printed and put up on a wall, I love it. I think its so true and for me it made me realise something. When we grow, learn, explore and really capture life; when we are progressing, we are truly happy.

Click on the link above and take a few minutes out of your day and whatever it is that you want to improve or if your not feeling very motivated. Check it out. I’m looking forward to my next success item; and I promise they’ll be a fashion post up soon!!

Lots of love xx



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Coconut Lane Birthday Giveaway!


So this Friday, 17th November, it is my birthday and I wanted to do something exciting on my blog and social media…

So I’m doing a giveaway!!

I have been a Coconut Queen for a while now, if you haven’t heard of Coconut Lane before check out their website here.

They have the most amazing fashion accessories, I always pair their bracelets with my watch and if you’ve seen my Instagram I’m a big fan of the tropical palm pink phone case! Shop my phone case here. They also do home accessories from make up bags to cushions, to notebooks and even coasters. Keeping you stylish in all your accessories! Lastly, I am totally obsessed with their new greeting cards; shop new in here.

The giveaway is on my Instagram right now enter here. For your chance to win a £20 voucher to use at Coconut Lane all you have to do is follow me and Coconut Lane on Instagram and tag your best friend! It ends Monday 20th November. So what are you waiting for?? Have you entered yet? Click here to enter now!

ALSO… Remember if you like any of the products you’ve seen from Coconut Lane and want to buy something (of course you do!) use my code “HANNAHAUSTYN20” at the checkout for 20% off your products.

Thanks my loves and have a good week xxx


What happened when I didn’t wear makeup for 2 weeks??

As mentioned before in blog posts I do suffer with acne as well as dry skin. The other day I was thinking and I realised that I do wear quite a lot of make up on a daily basis.  I tend to wear a BB cream when I’m going to work which is mostly every day and that my skin was feeling really clogged up and even when I cleansed my skin in the evenings it still didn’t feel as fresh as I’d like it too. Also, this really wasn’t helping my acne, redness was getting worse and skin didn’t seem so bright.  So, I decided that I would try to not wear any make up at all for two weeks (apart from my eyebrows and curling my eyelashes!)

I tried this for the two weeks and I increased the amount I do for my cleansing routine. I used La Roche Posay Effeclar and then used my Botanic’s hydrating cream every day as well as cleansing and toning using my Botanic’s All Brights toner and toning spritz . I did this every day for two weeks and also started exfoliating using my Botanic‘s exfoliating scrub the results were actually really surprising.  I didn’t think it would make so much difference! My skin felt so much brighter and felt so much clearer.

From trying this out I realised that to help my acne and to reduce redness as well as brighten my skin I need to reduce the amount of makeup I wear on a daily basis and limit it to full on make up for nights out and  special events and stuff like that. Then when I do use make up I’m going to start adding a drop of oil to my foundation which I use the picture perfect foundation from Lola make up.

I made the mistake of not cleansing my brushes and sponges as much as I should and definitely bacteria from this did not help my acne. Also, after wearing heavy makeup I now deeply cleanse my face using Formulas cleansing brush and it’s really lovely on my skin its like getting a facial but a home! I just use it with my normal cleanser on a low speed and it just really gets into your pores and definitely again my skin feels brighter and clearer and I think definitely if you have acne I have found that this is really helped me.

From not wearing so much make up every day and cleansing better and when I do my make up making sure I cleanse properly and thoroughly and then obviously hydrating my skin properly after doing that I’ve definitely found my skin is so much better and I’m hoping that by doing all of this as well as using face masks to really hydrate my skin I really hope that my skin finally one day will not be as red and I will have clear glowing skin!

Remember if you want to try out any of the Botanics products I use or check out their range use my code “BOTANICS25” for 25% off at Boots checkout! As well as my code for Lola Makeup “HANNALOLA10” !!

I’m really excited because next week it’s my BIRTHDAY and I’ll be doing some exciting stuff on my blog and on my Instagram and all my social media thanks guys! Have a good week xxx

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