Glossy Look

I’ve seen this look on lots of celebrities including Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and also on the catwalk. I wanted to try and recreate this look at home without buying expensive products and be able to wear it everyday as well as for a night out!

Still getting use to my camera so some sections may seem slightly blurry. Also, I wasn’t having the best skin day the day I filmed this. I have retential acne ( I will do a blog post on this another time …) and it did mean that my skin looks like its got lots of little bumps on it. But its okay I am working on this !!

There are many variations to the look; if you wanted something that would look more dramatic and stand out using a bright colour i think a purple eye shadow would look super cute with a gloss on top. You can also had gloss to your highlighter and lips to make them pop too. I chose not to simply because I wanted my look to be wearable as an everyday look and glossing my cheeks would have been to heavy on my skin.

The best part about this look is what I used to create the gloss effect. Do not worry it is not a really expensive product that you’ll only use once or twice to create a gloss look but something you use everyday that costs ONLY £1.95!!!!

The products I used were:

Botanics organic hydrating cream; my discount is “BOTANICS25” for 25% off at Boots website which is in the link right here – – > http://bit.ly/2hNH32w

Base: Rimmel BB cream – http://amzn.to/2xPtZV8

Contour and brown eyes – Rosie for Autograph for M&S contour stick –http://bit.ly/2hN3K72

Concealer – Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – http://amzn.to/2ikNC0y

Maybelline dream brightening concealer stick – http://amzn.to/2yqKZ3J

La Roche Posay Thermal Water used to help blend the make up in – http://amzn.to/2ijpLOy

Gloss – Vaseline – http://amzn.to/2xPlz00

Highlighter: Lola Satin eyeshadow; use my code “HANNALOLA10” for 10% off at checkout, link is  – – >  http://bit.ly/2zjnKoO

Rosie for Autograph highlighter stick – http://bit.ly/2ywkes1

Maybelline Master Strobing liquid – http://amzn.to/2xQfWyM

Mascara: Rimmel London Supercurler – http://amzn.to/2ysaEZO

Lips – Huda Beauty Venus lip contour – http://amzn.to/2gjM967

Kim from Kylie & Kims collection at Kylie Cosmetics – unavailable rn sorry!

Song featured in the video is Tropical Love by Del from Soundcloud and Audio Library at Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-4zY7Ri2Po


Below is the video for my glossy look I hope you like it, speak soon xxx

For some of the links above I have used affiliate links which means I receive a small percentage; however all products used were my choice to use them 🙂


Q&A with Frame Your World Director Leanne MacDuff

Such an exciting blog post today! Its a conversation with Leanne MacDuff who created Frame Your World a brand that aims to motivate you through inspirational quotes on notebooks and prints. I LOVE the ethos of the brand and can’t wait to get my hands on one of the notebooks – they’re so pretty! If you want to find out more, check out the website here https://frameyourworld.co.uk

Enjoy the Q&A below …

What Inspired You To Create Frame Your World? 

I was inspired through a need to make a gift for a friend’s birthday that was cost-effective. I was living in London at the time and in between contract work, and also going through a difficult season personally. It was a combination of researching and printing inspirational quotes that I would then stick on my wall so that whenever I got up in the morning. I began creating my vision wall to help me get out of the slump I was in mentally and emotionally so when it came time to find a gift for my friend that same summer I got the idea to put a cute postcard design that I had picked up one Saturday that said “Dream big” into a black frame. I felt so nervous about giving the gift in a cute box with some other small trinkets until I saw my friend’s face light up. That ultimately sparked conversation and the idea that perhaps I might start designing again. I used to draw and design all the time as a kid. Art was my top grade in school, with English as my second.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

There is a combination of things that keep me motivated today. I love exploring and being creative so whether that’s taking a day trip to the seaside, or into the country or sitting down with a coffee and my journal. Writing and being creative with my journal energizes me. I also find spending time with close friends and family, and I go to church so things like sisterhood groups and being around a community of people help me keep me going personally. 

What Do You Do Regularly That Inspires You To Become Your Best Self? 

I’m not sure if I do this or if the people I put myself around help me do this. I do believe that we are who we surround ourselves with so I would say choosing friends who inspire me help me stay inspired. That could be friends who are kind, generous, great a business, or great at family life. I also love to read and listen to podcasts and being a writer I’m in my head a lot so reflecting for me is key to growth and personal development. 

What Are Your Future Plans? Frame Your World Domination?!

I am sooo excited about the future of Frame Your World. I have lots of plans for the future. I’d love to launch a foundation through my business to enable my customers and the business to actively play a part in making a difference in our community. I’m also launching my new natural candle range on 14th November, and have a bunch of Christmas markets coming up. I am looking to expand on creating products that help us find relief, inspiration, encouragement, or empowerment so whether that’s a print, a notebook, or a candle. There’s more products to come, and I recently launched the Frame Your World Podcast so I think I’ll continue to work and grow that. I’d love to spark some community around my business that empowers women across the world to support each other and make a difference in our world and the world around us. 

Why It’s Okay to Say No

Today’s subject is saying no. Recently I’ve been contacted by a few brands offering me gifting opportunities in exchange for a post on Instagram. At the time I was super excited because now I’m doing blogging full time I thought this is amazing. A clothing brand emailed me gifting me products, they have over 30k followers on Instagram so obviously this all sounds perfect right? 

However, it didn’t feel right to me. I always try and be my authentic self when it comes to working with brands, I only work with them if I I truly love them and they go with my ethos of becoming your best self. My blog and social media is a reflection of me.

So when your gut says no, is it really okay to say no?

If your a blogger/ influencer then getting a fashion brand that’s well known with great Insta credentials should be fantastic …. BUT. This particular brand is not a brand that I’ve ever shopped in before. I’ve looked on their website before and never felt like the products fit my style. So is it okay to say no? YES.

Some peoples idea of blogging (who do not know the industry) is just posing with free products; but for me and many bloggers it’s more than that. It means so much more to me and I’ve always tried to be as honest about gifting and products and showing my style and brand.

Nevertheless, a few days later, a skincare brand also came along and I love their products! It’s such an honour to work for this brand and that’s when I realised that if you have a gut feeling about something that isn’t true to your values it’s okay to say no. I said no and something else amazing happend instead that made much more sense to me and was something I felt comfortable and proud to work for.

On the other hand its super important to say yes and get out of your comfort zone. But… sometimes! If it is something that is going to help you long term and is a part of the person that you want to become then do it. If it’s not and goes against your core values and makes you uncomfortable then say no.

Speaking of skincare brands, check out my top 3 products below that are SAVING my skin in this cold autumnal weather!

“You’re not lost, you’re just early in the process.” – Gary Vee 

Speak soon, Hannah xx

I Woke Up Like This

Can you guess what the blog post is about today from the title?!

I woke up like this is a line from the Beyoncé song Flawless which came out in 2014. I am dedicating a whole blog post to this song because of how it made me feel, empowered and passionate; and I wanted to share this with you.

Music can make you cry, laugh or dance to your hearts content but some songs can make you do all three and that’s what Flawless does. When I first heard this song I got goosebumps – and still do sometimes. Beyoncé has been such an inspiration to me for many years. She’s powerful, runs her own business, successful, proud and respected. All attributes I aspire to become as I grow older. So when Beyoncé comes out with a song like this you really feel it because she is an artist saying the truth! You feel she is talking to you and understands. Beyoncé has done so much for feminism and raising awareness of how amazing it is to be a women which is something I am incredibly passionate about.

The chorus of the song says lines like:

You wake up, flawlessThis diamond, flawless, My diamond, flawless
This rock, flawless, My rock, flawless

It talks of buying your own diamonds and waking up feeling amazing – having respect, your own money and working hard for it is such an empowering message to young women (and men) about being a boss and owning it. If you know old school Beyoncé from Destiny’s Child days it is reminiscent of songs like Independent Women and Bills – classic empowering anthems.

Included is the bridge by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie . How Beyoncé can create a song with a bridge from a Ted speaker and still make it a hit for modern audiences shows the power of her music.

The lyrics are so real and thought provoking that I wish it could be played to every man in the world so they understood what it’s like to be female in this world!

Some of the lines include:

We teach girls to shrink themselves, To make themselves smaller, We say to girls,
“You can have ambition but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise you will threaten the man

It then goes on to describe how society suggests females should aspire to marriage and how we don’t teach boys the same. As well as how girls cannot be sexual beings in the way boys are. Which reminds me of how boys can be players and girls are often called sluts. Isn’t it scary how true this is of our society and the messages we are sending to young women and men through media?!

I know a lot of great men that have amazing values and completely understand feminism and respect it. But to be frank some don’t. And this song combines the frustration and even anger – a negative emotion I know – however I believe if you use anger as fuel to energise you to turn it into a positive, it can be a highly effective tool.

Some people are scared or dislike the word feminism. Personally I think it has a bad rap. If you brought it back to the origins of wanting equal rights for men and women financially, socially, culturally and ethically then I think most people would agree. I am proud to call myself a feminist because of this song alone. Flawless is an anthem for people to believe in and give them courage and strength knowing their not alone and that we are BEAUTIFUL INDEPENDENT PEOPLE WHO CAN DO INCREDIBLE THINGS!

Want something to change? Then be the change. And I am 100% for that and that’s why I felt I had to write this post.

I would love to know your thoughts and what anthem inspires you. Please remember, we woke up like this, FLAWLESS. All my love, Hannah xxxxxx


WOW! First of all Like someone pinch me, the fact that I am even writing a post saying I am going to London Fashion Week. I remember being at high school and seeing one of my favourite designers was going live on Instagram, so you could see the show and in my lunch break being glued to the screen seeing all the models in these glorious designs and thinking wow one day I will be there. And it happened. It is honestly the weirdest feeling having your dreams become your reality but also the most humbling because I know that I’m going to enjoy every second of it!

Day One

Currently on the train I have a LFW opening party with Like To Know It this evening. I am going into London earlier to have a walk round Selfridges (I always do this every couple of months,the store is so beautiful!) Then, I met my cousin for dinner and drinks (might have had a pornstar Martini – my fave) and we headed to the event. It was so amazing, they had frozen rose and it was pink (sucker for anything pink!) it was so nice meeting the team and LTKI community! it is an amazing app to shop products instantly. You can shop my looks here.

Day Two

I have a show at 11am, Hazzys’s so I am on the 9:25 train into London suited and booted (literally, although I am wearing trainers instead of boots) my first ever show!! I wonder what everyone will be wearing? What if I see someone famous? Or a blogger I recognise? Is it weird to say hi or no?! So excittiinggggggg…My first show. WOW, WOW, WOW. When the lights went down and the music started (it felt like my heart was gonna jump out of my chest. I loved it I honestly got chocked up. I thought I was gonna burst into tears in front of all these cool fashion people! I just felt such an overwhelming sense of happiness and gratitude. I went alone because I wanted to fully appreciate the experience. For me, the Hazzys show was the best show I saw at Fashion Week. A mixture of thumping, loud music, beautiful designs, and creativity and just pure excitement.

After the show I met up with my photographer friend Emily and we popped to All Bar One in between shows to get a drink and food – so needed! Had the best mac n cheese and pornstar martini –my comment of the day – ” I’m full of porn and cheese” Hahaha

Second show at Foyles – what a dream. Me and Emily getting lost in Covent Garden on our way to the show. The gayeon Lee presentation was magical. Such elegant designs. I wanted to wear all the dresses, and the ruffled trousers were so cool. After the presentation I headed home – I was so exhausted from all the excitement, nerves and WALKING!

Day Three

More shows! Let’s Bab who are one of the sponsors of London Fashion Week this year invited me to the House of Holland x Self Portrait show and after a talk with Henry Holland! Let’s Bab is a new app that lets you recommend products to friends whilst earning a commission and allowing you to give some of that commission to charity – what a brilliant concept. The app also sent you notifications about show scheduling during LFW. It was incredible and a great way to keep up/plan your days. If you want to find out more about Let’s Bab check out the link here. Anyways, the show was brilliant what an honour to see Henry Hollands work and the chat after was fabulous too – such a down to earth, lovely guy. Bonus – the LFW tote bag!

Second show of the day- Oxford Fashion Studio at the Royal Opera House. Such a stunning venue and I had an amazing seat in stalls. It was so interesting to see new independent designers. My favourite collection was King and Reign – really dramatic looks. Met up with another blogger … who was filming backstage which was so lovely. Then train home again half asleep 🙂

Monday – *day off packing, and furiously posting content on instagram.*

Day Four

Heading into Landaaan ( London) with my mama, shopping and food before the Whyte Studio LFW closing party! Cannot believe fashion week is over already! The party was fabulous and in Mayfair I felt so fancy. It was great to catch up with the lovely stylists I met when I did my styling course a few years ago. The night was filled with gin and tonics and house music – what more could a girl want?


My throat hurts, my feet hurt, but WOW what a week. THANK YOU so much fashion week you have made a 21 year old girl from Oxfordshire extremely happy. Excited for February already xxx

Meatballs In A Roasted Sweet Potato

As you know after doing the 21 Day Body Reset Plan I found loads of delicious recipes and also created a few of my own! This dish was actually so yummy that I had to write it down and tell you…


Sweet potatoes (one large or two small ones per person)

500g beef mince

250g of chopped mushrooms

1 chopped onion

1 chopped celery stick

1 can of chopped tomatoes

Tablespoon of tomato purée

Teaspoon of the following spices:

Paprika, Italian herbs, mixed herbs, garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste

Salad (if you like)


Prick and wash the sweet potato and place in the oven at 150C (Fan oven) for one hour, checking on them when necessary.

Then put your 500g of mince in a mixing bowl. Add a teaspoon of paprika, mixed herbs, garlic and then mix and make the meatballs. (This is a super fun meditative process if your looking for some me time) I made around 17 meatballs then placed them in a pan on medium heat. Once they are brown on one side carefully turn them over so they cook nicely.

Chop an onion as small as you can go (without cutting your fingers!) and add them to the meatballs once they are fully brown as well as chopped celery. Once they have cooked for a few minutes add in the chopped mushrooms. I kept these quite big so they tasted meatier but however you fancy. (At this point add in any other veggies you have in the fridge)

Then add some more herbs into the pan; a teaspoon of Italian herbs, mixed herbs, garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. Then add the tin of chopped tomatoes. I then put another half of the tin amount of water into the pan too. Add in a tablespoon of tomato purée. (At this point it smells divine)

Then bring the whole pan to a boil, pop the lid on and let it simmer for 20 minutes on a low heat. I checked it a few times to make sure it was cooking nicely and season to taste.

Whilst this is simmering and the sweet potatoes are roasting, prepare a simple salad to go with.

Take the sweet potatoes out the oven and cut open so they are ready for the meatballs (you could add knob of butter to the potatoes if you wish). Then take the meatballs in their yummy tomato sauce and spoon them into the sweet potatoes. And enjoy!


If you’re not a fan of beef mince, you could use turkey (healthier) or pork. You could also add a variety of tasty veggies like spinach, kale. This meal is gluten free so perfect for supper and is utterly delicious!

Hope you enjoyed my recipe post, let me know if you make it or have any good variations xxx

Best Cocktail Bars In Oxford

Hi guys, a joint blog post today! How exciting?! Was so much fun putting this together with Emily. Emily is a blogger and photographer based in Oxford and a lot of my content I shoot with her. It’s Bank Holiday weekend, the perfect time to treat yourself to a cocktail or two… Enjoy!

Me and Em both love our cocktails so here is our faves in Oxford!


Hannah: Well, they do my favourite cocktail… Pornstar Martini! OXO is the best place to go when your meeting friends or want a quick happy hour cocktail because of its great location on George Street. It’s my go to for a cocktail because of the great music and dj’s who play here. What more could you want? Pornstar Martini’s, long happy hours and good music. It’s a fave spot for me!

Emily: Looking for the best martinis in Oxford? Look no further. Not only is the whole atmosphere amazing and laid back, they do a mean martini. Of course I went for my favourite – a good old espresso martini. I think it’s the perfect location for special occasions and celebrating!

Dirty Bones

Hannah: One of my personal favourites! Dirty Bones always transports me to 90’s New York with the hip hop music, cool moody interiors and amazzzzing mac n’ cheese. I love that they have a low alcohol cocktail option. So many people are now looking to drink less so its great you can still have fun with family and friends without feeling like you have to drink. Fave cocktail? Uptown Spritz – like an Aperol Spritz but even better!

Emily: Dirty Bones is perfect for every occasion – date night, drinks with the girls, business talks. They also have an extensive menu meaning there’s a tipple for everyone, especially with the introduction of their low alcohol/no alcohol cocktails. I would highly recommend the wave hill spritz – it’s a light, fruity cocktail perfect to have alongside some weekend lunch.


Hannah: As you guys know from my instagram stories I am a big fan of Latino music and Hanks offers the best songs AND top cocktails. Looking for a dance and a drink in Oxford? Then look no further than Hanks!

Emily: Hanks is the best place to go for quirky, well priced cocktails. Starting at £7, and all £5 at happy hour! They also have a great mocktail menu, starting at £5, £3.50 during happy hour. It’s a fun, welcoming environment and hosts great live music – so perfect to go with friends to take in some good music, and good cocktails.


Hannah: one of the coolest bars I have EVER been to! It’s like an old church with the coolest interiors and cocktails you will have never tried before. I had a Bailey’s milkshake which was divine and the setting just made this so so fun!

Emily: Based at an old church with a beautiful interior and a fab menu. This is a great place for social events and celebrating! It’s a fair price, and has student discount offers, so is perfect to go to with a group of friends.

I hope you enjoyed me and Emily’s cocktail blog post! Please check out her blog instagram here and also check out her photography account (she’s amazing!) here. Speak soon, Hannah xxx

Happiness Is A Choice

Hi guys!

I wasn’t actually going to write a blog post today but i had such an inspiring day I just had too. The last week or so I’ve felt like I’ve had challenge after challenge. You know when your having one of those weeks where everything is going wrong? Like this morning i opened my bag on the train and my water had spilt all over my new phone,,my book (that includes my 5,10,20 year plans and ideas!!) and my business cards. I was like wow. Your really trying me aren’t you? It was gonna be another one of those days that just didn’t feel quite right.

But then something switched. I had a really amazing experience in EE where the guy was so friendly and kind trying to help me sort out my phone upgrade. Then i went to my fave coffee shop in Oxford (you know if you follow my instagram stories ahah) and had an amazing conversation about wellness and living life in a positive and healthy way. Just talking about wellness and health put my mindset back into gear.

It’s so easy to let little things get to you or build up into bigger issues. However, if you take a minute, breath and look at the situation from a different viewpoint you realise how it doesn’t matter.

In one of tony robbins books i read about how you to process your emotions in a better way and how your vocabulary can actually effect you way more than you think. Like, lets say how many times you say in one day, ooh I’m tired, I’m so bored etc? If your saying this all the time – do you not think you will feel it even more?? Or if you change your mindset and start using more positive vocabulary like i feel a little tired but I’m going to eat an amazing salad that’s gonna energise me. Or if you say this isn’t inspiring me, let me try doing something else to motivate me. Using powerful and positive language regularly is like the power of positive thinking. (Another great book)

I truly believe when you put positivity out to the world it comes back to YOU. So if you go and get your regular coffee before work don’t smile and grumble at the server. It’s gonna be a bad start to your day, right? What if you smiled said thanks for the coffee hope you have a lovely day. Do you not think this would be a much brighter start to your morning?

I completely understand the whole thing of I’m having a bad day mindset but sometimes you’ve just gotta take yourself out of it and realise happiness is a choice. I know that might seem a weird concept but it really is. Being grumpy is so EASY. Like letting little things get too you is easy and allowing them to take over your mindset is so common in society. If you choose to be happy, put a smile on your face and spread that kindness and love around to everyone around you you not only make other people happier but yourself too. So its a win win!

Having these challenges are just tests life is giving you to see if you can take it, and you CAN. You are so much stronger than you think.

“When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade”

– (had to get Beyonce in somehow didnt i!) when life gives you a challenge, how can you turn it on its head and make it amazing??

Try this mentality for a day i dare you! Choose happiness! I hope that you have the most amazing week and i will be back soon. Love, Hannah xxxxx

21 Day Body Reset Plan: Complete!

As you guys know from my Instagram stories, for the past three weeks, I have been doing a body reset plan created by Mimi Bouchard. Mimi is a transformational specialist who has transformed her own body and always posts about positivity and motivation (which you know I love too). So I was beyond excited when she gifted me the plan so I could share my journey with you.

What’s The Plan?

High protein, high fibre, low carb & moderate fat. The plan includes a 5 min ab workout and 10k steps everyday. It includes meal ideas, what to avoid and what to enjoy as well as keeping you motivated along the way. Its super easy to read and my favourite part about the plan is the secret Facebook group that Mimi has started for us all to connect and share recipes. Its like a motivational support group; it’s amazing!


For me I struggled more with the food side than the exercise side of things. The first couple of days my energy levels were all over the place due to not eating carbs anymore and not having any refined sugar. This is completely normal though, if you started eating completely differently and working out more you would. However, once I got over that initial hurdle I felt SO GOOD. It completely changed my mentality to the way I look at what I’m eating and seeing it as FUEL. Once I adapted to the plan and found recipes to make that were fufillliing, I felt AMAZING.


The 5 minute ab workout was my favourite thing about the plan. Forever lying on the floor thinking what exercise should I do to work this muscle and ending up just scrolling on Instagram for half an hour. The workout is SO QUICK with high intensity so you feel amazing for it. 10k steps was easier for me too as I am always walking everywhere in Oxford. It’s actually so good for toning the body and using all your muscles; honestly walking is so underrated! Especially the mental benefits, walking through a park, listening to your favourite songs or a podcast can be so much fun!

 What I Learnt? 

The BIGGEST thing I learnt during the plan was how much I was overeating without even realising. By reducing my portion sizes I felt so much better. Feeling full is not a pleasant feeling, you feel super lethargic and it isn’t great for body confidence either. (Ever been to a lovely restaurant ate way too much that when you get up your stomach is so bloated your buttons on your jeans start popping?! Yeah me too!) Also, my energy levels were so much better. I read in a book about Japanese culture called Ikigai that they eat until they are 80% full and I think it isa really interesting topic; because from eating to 80%-100% fullness I felt so much better.

I also learnt that my body really bloats when I eat food with gluten in it. Now that I have finished the plan I am 100% going to apply some of the aspects of the plan into daily life. Particularly the ab workout and 10k steps becausefelt amazing for it , I have never felt so healthy and strong and actually had toned my stomach! I also am going to keep to portion sizes, and minimise the amount of gluten I eat. Maybe 2/3 a week eating bigger carbs like pasta, rice but when I can, eating a gluten free alternative or just sticking to meat with salad/veg.

Best Thing About The Plan? 

The best thing I have found from the plan is delicious recipies. I have created a few myself found some amazing ones online, it’s been really fun getting inventive in the kitchen. The plan is not a typical diet, it is a change of lifestyle. I have learnt so much about my body whilst doing this and feel so much better for it.

If you have any questions about the plan please comment or dm me. If you want to know more or try the plan yourself (you won’t regret it) then click here. Want to know more about Mimi? Check her website out here and her instagram here.

Thanks for reading, be back soon, Hannah xxxx

Top 3 Self Help Books

Hi there! How has your week been? Productive and fun I hope. Just a quick post today. I have been head down in books recently and thought I really should share it with you guys. As you know from my instagram stories I am a real lover of self help books. I still remember when I read Tony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within and my mind was blown! I couldn’t believe that some people had not experienced this amazingness!!

I have a goal to read three more self help books at least by the end of the year. They normally take me slightly longer than an average book because I see it more like a workbook. I find I want to write down some findings, quotes and also start putting into practice what the book says!

Now I must say even though the title of this blog post says my top three self help books, these are my top three this year. As I really couldn’t pick just three all time! Hehe! So here goes…

1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This is quite the book! 100% this is a workbook that if you do exactly what it says in the book the rewards are outstanding. You may read the title and be pessimistic and think its all about getting rich quick but it is really not. This book is more about changing your mentality to bring money your way. It’s also got really good manifestation points in there. By reading out loud everyday what your desires are, what your plan is and your confidence in your plan to grow rich, you find your mentality changing and therefore your actions. Ive actually read this book previously but when I read it I don’t think I was ready for it, mentally. Reading it a second time and stopping to put the work in before carrying on in the book has been a real game changer. This is one of those books your gonna read again and again and learn something new every time. For me its got to be 10/10

Want to read the book? Shop here

2. When to Jump by Mike Lewis

This is a book I have mentioned before in my I just quit my job blog post, read it here if you missed it. This book is super easy to read and has real life stories about people from all walks of life and how they had a passion for something and went for it. The book is split up into the different stages of a jump. The bit where you have a tiny voice in your head saying just do it, to the full on jumping and panicking what am I doing!! This book came at exactly the right point in my life and meant so much to me. If you are someone who has a niggling feeling that they should be doing something else, a burning desire or passion I beg you to read this book. My favourite part about the book was the quotes by real life people at each section of their jump. It really hit home that feeling of , if you don’t do it will you regret it? It also featured one of my favourite quotes ever:

If not now, when? If not you, who?

For me, this book is a 9/10 – really easy to read, great real people stories and split up in to easy to pick up again sections. It’s a great first starter self help book.

Want to read this book? Shop here

3. Ikigai by Hector Garcia

I picked up this book after reading a book about the Danish concept, Hygge. I really loved reading about danish culture and their perspective on happiness that I wanted to see it from a different side in Ikigai.

Ikigai (pronounced “eye-ka-guy”) is, above all else, a lifestyle that strives to balance the spiritual with the practical. This balance is found at the intersection where your passions and talents converge with the things that the world needs and is willing to pay for – Forbes

If you are interested in self help books but would like to focus on the mental wellbeing and health side of things or even travel culture then this book is for you. My favourite part in the book was when the researchers went to this small rural town in Japan where it is said the longest people are living to to see how they live and why they are so healthy, happy and living for so long! The results were fascinating, a combination of health, mental wellbeing, exercise and social gatherings seemed to be the answer. It’s a great contrast to Think and Grow Rich because this book focuses on living a happy life unfocused on the materialistic and financial rewards. I would give this book an 8/10, not as high as the others only because there is less self help content and more cultural content. However, still a fabulous read. Actually its a great book for going on holiday!

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Overall, these books are my top three for different reasons. Each book educates me in a different area of improvement and that’s why reading self help books are so important and interesting. Each book is so diverse and you can learn so much. Please do let me know if you have read any of these books, what your opinions are or even if you have any recommendations for me! Hope you have a fabulous week, be back soon, Hannah xxx