Hi guys! Hope your NY resolutions are going well. Today I wanna discuss the amazing deck Gary Vee put out for his birthday at the end of last year. It was a content model of how to put together 64 pieces of content in one DAY. So I tried it. And it is wayyyy easier than you think. So here goes…

I’m gonna go through each piece of content I did, tally it up and show you how SIMPLE it is to create 64 pieces of content in one day 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

1. This blog post. I am basing all my content on a macro one and then using that to make lots of smaller ones. You could apply the same method with a vlog or a podcast.

*note: decide which area you are stronger at making content in and focus on that/ mix and match. If you love video editing try out lots of video content or audio for podcasts or if you love writing, blog posts are for you. Then either hone in on one medium or mix and match to suit you. If you don’t love what your doing you won’t do it.

Then, LinkedIn repost entire blog post as a LinkedIn document =2

Repost link to blog post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram =6

Create 5 TikTok videos based on content from this blog post (micro video content) = 11

Repost TikTok videos on Instagram stories and then Facebook stories = 21

*note: Top tip from the model: you can set it up so that when you post Instagram stories it automatically posts on your Facebook stories too. This way your doubling your content without actually having to do anything more!

Write 9 Tweets on sections of this content (text posts) = 30

*Note: Even better use TweetDeck to schedule posts throughout the day ahead of time.

Create 4 Instagram stories talking about this blog post and why people should check it out, emphasising value of content creation at scale (smartphone camera) = 34

Repost this on Facebook stories = 38

Share the stories as one big video on Twitter = 39

Do Facebook, Twitter and Insta polls – have you tried the challenge? = 42

Write in notes a bit about why TikTok and LinkedIn is the best for organic traffic right now and why you should try out creating content on a large scale. Post notes screenshot on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Insta stories = 46

YouTube video vlog style on how I post the 64 pieces of content throughout the day (macro video content) = 47

Share link to YouTube on this on Twitter, LinkedIn, FB and Instagram stories = 51

2 TikTok videos from YouTube macro video = 53

Share the TikTok videos on Insta stories and FB stories = 57

*note: Top tip from the model – context! You know that your gonna write differently on TikTok than LinkedIn so remember this when your posting so that it is more effective for you and your audience.

Meme or a design of your own. Memes are trending, put your face on it or message your trying to push. Or, if you like design and drawing you could create something and post that. I went for the simpler route as I’m not the best designer and used an image of myself with a speech bubble saying, “Have you posted 64 pieces of content yet?” – posted this on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter = 60

Repost post on Insta stories, FB stories= 62

On TikTok and Insta stories say drop a 💪🏼 emoji if your gonna attempt the 64 pieces of content challenge (community centric post)

= 64!!!!!

This didn’t even include ALL the other types of content in the deck including quote graphics, going live on socials, actual memes, cartoons, drawings, podcasts, hour long vlogs, carousels, slide decks, more use of LinkedIn, commentaries and Snapchat!

Wanna check out the deck – https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/how-to-create-64-pieces-of-content-in-a-day/

This is the method I used to create 64 pieces of content in one day. You can use this method or other methods that Gary has posted on the deck to suit your brand/ social profile and your editing/ creativity strengths. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I would love if you could send me a DM on social media or comment on how you get on trying out the challenge. So much love, Hannah xx

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