So inspired by the kindness of people today that I had to get typing!

People smiling for no reason, being friendly in a coffee shop, someone offering to add points to your loyalty card as you forgot it. These sound like such small and insignificant things but actually in day to day life they mean so much. I’ve been quite stressed lately and when I get stressed I find it super hard to make little decisions like what to have to drink when I go in a coffee shop. (Is it obvious I go to coffee shops a lot??!!) and someone being kind for no reason and helping you make that decision however small or just smiling can ease that stress for someone who is struggling even just for a minute. Isn’t that so powerful? Kindness is so freaking powerful. Its the one thing that you can do in a persons day to make it better.

I listened to a podcast recently by Jay Shetty featuring the beautiful Khloe Kardashian. I’m a big fan of the Kardashian’s in general; they are strong business women and I admire that. However, out of all of them Khloe shares the most on her social media about positivity and inspirational quotes so she’s worth a follow for sure. In the interview she talks about this concept of being kind for being kinds sake. How she would message someone on Instagram a compliment and it could really impact their day in a positive way. Another point was acknowledging service people. For example, the person who served you in a restaurant or your taxi driver. Just saying “Hi, how are you?” to someone when everyone else they’ve seen that day may have ignored them; that might keep them going for that day.

I’ve also spoken about Gary Vee in a recent post. He has been really pushing the whole happiness is success movement and has discussed how kindness is the biggest strength. Kindness and empathy are the ways to success in business. I think it is incredible to see such big influencers in media talking on this subject and bringing awareness to the power of being kind to one another. Can you imagine if we had more positivity/kindness on mainstream tv, on the news? Or as an app on our phones that we saw every day just as much as we see instagram?

Kindness is power and people need to realise it.

When people use your kindness as a weakness that shows the weakness on their part, their issues and insecurities. It’s a sad thing but there’s no point getting angry or upset because it’s their issue not yours.

To conclude kindness is such a beautiful human act. It’s free, you gain nothing (well you do because seeing someone else happy because of your actions makes you happy, gives you empathy and gives you the momentum to do it again but yeah!) And you make someone happy when they are going through a tough time.

So much love always, Hannah xxxx

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