Such an exciting blog post today! Its a conversation with Leanne MacDuff who created Frame Your World a brand that aims to motivate you through inspirational quotes on notebooks and prints. I LOVE the ethos of the brand and can’t wait to get my hands on one of the notebooks – they’re so pretty! If you want to find out more, check out the website here

Enjoy the Q&A below …

What Inspired You To Create Frame Your World? 

I was inspired through a need to make a gift for a friend’s birthday that was cost-effective. I was living in London at the time and in between contract work, and also going through a difficult season personally. It was a combination of researching and printing inspirational quotes that I would then stick on my wall so that whenever I got up in the morning. I began creating my vision wall to help me get out of the slump I was in mentally and emotionally so when it came time to find a gift for my friend that same summer I got the idea to put a cute postcard design that I had picked up one Saturday that said “Dream big” into a black frame. I felt so nervous about giving the gift in a cute box with some other small trinkets until I saw my friend’s face light up. That ultimately sparked conversation and the idea that perhaps I might start designing again. I used to draw and design all the time as a kid. Art was my top grade in school, with English as my second.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

There is a combination of things that keep me motivated today. I love exploring and being creative so whether that’s taking a day trip to the seaside, or into the country or sitting down with a coffee and my journal. Writing and being creative with my journal energizes me. I also find spending time with close friends and family, and I go to church so things like sisterhood groups and being around a community of people help me keep me going personally. 

What Do You Do Regularly That Inspires You To Become Your Best Self? 

I’m not sure if I do this or if the people I put myself around help me do this. I do believe that we are who we surround ourselves with so I would say choosing friends who inspire me help me stay inspired. That could be friends who are kind, generous, great a business, or great at family life. I also love to read and listen to podcasts and being a writer I’m in my head a lot so reflecting for me is key to growth and personal development. 

What Are Your Future Plans? Frame Your World Domination?!

I am sooo excited about the future of Frame Your World. I have lots of plans for the future. I’d love to launch a foundation through my business to enable my customers and the business to actively play a part in making a difference in our community. I’m also launching my new natural candle range on 14th November, and have a bunch of Christmas markets coming up. I am looking to expand on creating products that help us find relief, inspiration, encouragement, or empowerment so whether that’s a print, a notebook, or a candle. There’s more products to come, and I recently launched the Frame Your World Podcast so I think I’ll continue to work and grow that. I’d love to spark some community around my business that empowers women across the world to support each other and make a difference in our world and the world around us. 

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