Today’s subject is saying no. Recently I’ve been contacted by a few brands offering me gifting opportunities in exchange for a post on Instagram. At the time I was super excited because now I’m doing blogging full time I thought this is amazing. A clothing brand emailed me gifting me products, they have over 30k followers on Instagram so obviously this all sounds perfect right? 

However, it didn’t feel right to me. I always try and be my authentic self when it comes to working with brands, I only work with them if I I truly love them and they go with my ethos of becoming your best self. My blog and social media is a reflection of me.

So when your gut says no, is it really okay to say no?

If your a blogger/ influencer then getting a fashion brand that’s well known with great Insta credentials should be fantastic …. BUT. This particular brand is not a brand that I’ve ever shopped in before. I’ve looked on their website before and never felt like the products fit my style. So is it okay to say no? YES.

Some peoples idea of blogging (who do not know the industry) is just posing with free products; but for me and many bloggers it’s more than that. It means so much more to me and I’ve always tried to be as honest about gifting and products and showing my style and brand.

Nevertheless, a few days later, a skincare brand also came along and I love their products! It’s such an honour to work for this brand and that’s when I realised that if you have a gut feeling about something that isn’t true to your values it’s okay to say no. I said no and something else amazing happend instead that made much more sense to me and was something I felt comfortable and proud to work for.

On the other hand its super important to say yes and get out of your comfort zone. But… sometimes! If it is something that is going to help you long term and is a part of the person that you want to become then do it. If it’s not and goes against your core values and makes you uncomfortable then say no.

Speaking of skincare brands, check out my top 3 products below that are SAVING my skin in this cold autumnal weather!

“You’re not lost, you’re just early in the process.” – Gary Vee 

Speak soon, Hannah xx

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