Hi guys, a joint blog post today! How exciting?! Was so much fun putting this together with Emily. Emily is a blogger and photographer based in Oxford and a lot of my content I shoot with her. It’s Bank Holiday weekend, the perfect time to treat yourself to a cocktail or two… Enjoy!

Me and Em both love our cocktails so here is our faves in Oxford!


Hannah: Well, they do my favourite cocktail… Pornstar Martini! OXO is the best place to go when your meeting friends or want a quick happy hour cocktail because of its great location on George Street. It’s my go to for a cocktail because of the great music and dj’s who play here. What more could you want? Pornstar Martini’s, long happy hours and good music. It’s a fave spot for me!

Emily: Looking for the best martinis in Oxford? Look no further. Not only is the whole atmosphere amazing and laid back, they do a mean martini. Of course I went for my favourite – a good old espresso martini. I think it’s the perfect location for special occasions and celebrating!

Dirty Bones

Hannah: One of my personal favourites! Dirty Bones always transports me to 90’s New York with the hip hop music, cool moody interiors and amazzzzing mac n’ cheese. I love that they have a low alcohol cocktail option. So many people are now looking to drink less so its great you can still have fun with family and friends without feeling like you have to drink. Fave cocktail? Uptown Spritz – like an Aperol Spritz but even better!

Emily: Dirty Bones is perfect for every occasion – date night, drinks with the girls, business talks. They also have an extensive menu meaning there’s a tipple for everyone, especially with the introduction of their low alcohol/no alcohol cocktails. I would highly recommend the wave hill spritz – it’s a light, fruity cocktail perfect to have alongside some weekend lunch.


Hannah: As you guys know from my instagram stories I am a big fan of Latino music and Hanks offers the best songs AND top cocktails. Looking for a dance and a drink in Oxford? Then look no further than Hanks!

Emily: Hanks is the best place to go for quirky, well priced cocktails. Starting at £7, and all £5 at happy hour! They also have a great mocktail menu, starting at £5, £3.50 during happy hour. It’s a fun, welcoming environment and hosts great live music – so perfect to go with friends to take in some good music, and good cocktails.


Hannah: one of the coolest bars I have EVER been to! It’s like an old church with the coolest interiors and cocktails you will have never tried before. I had a Bailey’s milkshake which was divine and the setting just made this so so fun!

Emily: Based at an old church with a beautiful interior and a fab menu. This is a great place for social events and celebrating! It’s a fair price, and has student discount offers, so is perfect to go to with a group of friends.

I hope you enjoyed me and Emily’s cocktail blog post! Please check out her blog instagram here and also check out her photography account (she’s amazing!) here. Speak soon, Hannah xxx

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