Hi guys!

I wasn’t actually going to write a blog post today but i had such an inspiring day I just had too. The last week or so I’ve felt like I’ve had challenge after challenge. You know when your having one of those weeks where everything is going wrong? Like this morning i opened my bag on the train and my water had spilt all over my new phone,,my book (that includes my 5,10,20 year plans and ideas!!) and my business cards. I was like wow. Your really trying me aren’t you? It was gonna be another one of those days that just didn’t feel quite right.

But then something switched. I had a really amazing experience in EE where the guy was so friendly and kind trying to help me sort out my phone upgrade. Then i went to my fave coffee shop in Oxford (you know if you follow my instagram stories ahah) and had an amazing conversation about wellness and living life in a positive and healthy way. Just talking about wellness and health put my mindset back into gear.

It’s so easy to let little things get to you or build up into bigger issues. However, if you take a minute, breath and look at the situation from a different viewpoint you realise how it doesn’t matter.

In one of tony robbins books i read about how you to process your emotions in a better way and how your vocabulary can actually effect you way more than you think. Like, lets say how many times you say in one day, ooh I’m tired, I’m so bored etc? If your saying this all the time – do you not think you will feel it even more?? Or if you change your mindset and start using more positive vocabulary like i feel a little tired but I’m going to eat an amazing salad that’s gonna energise me. Or if you say this isn’t inspiring me, let me try doing something else to motivate me. Using powerful and positive language regularly is like the power of positive thinking. (Another great book)

I truly believe when you put positivity out to the world it comes back to YOU. So if you go and get your regular coffee before work don’t smile and grumble at the server. It’s gonna be a bad start to your day, right? What if you smiled said thanks for the coffee hope you have a lovely day. Do you not think this would be a much brighter start to your morning?

I completely understand the whole thing of I’m having a bad day mindset but sometimes you’ve just gotta take yourself out of it and realise happiness is a choice. I know that might seem a weird concept but it really is. Being grumpy is so EASY. Like letting little things get too you is easy and allowing them to take over your mindset is so common in society. If you choose to be happy, put a smile on your face and spread that kindness and love around to everyone around you you not only make other people happier but yourself too. So its a win win!

Having these challenges are just tests life is giving you to see if you can take it, and you CAN. You are so much stronger than you think.

“When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade”

– (had to get Beyonce in somehow didnt i!) when life gives you a challenge, how can you turn it on its head and make it amazing??

Try this mentality for a day i dare you! Choose happiness! I hope that you have the most amazing week and i will be back soon. Love, Hannah xxxxx

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  1. I never believed the “what you tell yourself, your mind will believe and manifest” but, it’s actually very true. I started using positive affirmations on the daily, so that my subconscious mind can set them as the norm and truth.
    I also try to genuinely be as kind to others as possible because as you said, it all comes back to you and I believe the more genuinely you care for other people’s wellbeing, the stronger all good will come back at you!

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