As you guys know from my Instagram stories, for the past three weeks, I have been doing a body reset plan created by Mimi Bouchard. Mimi is a transformational specialist who has transformed her own body and always posts about positivity and motivation (which you know I love too). So I was beyond excited when she gifted me the plan so I could share my journey with you.

What’s The Plan?

High protein, high fibre, low carb & moderate fat. The plan includes a 5 min ab workout and 10k steps everyday. It includes meal ideas, what to avoid and what to enjoy as well as keeping you motivated along the way. Its super easy to read and my favourite part about the plan is the secret Facebook group that Mimi has started for us all to connect and share recipes. Its like a motivational support group; it’s amazing!


For me I struggled more with the food side than the exercise side of things. The first couple of days my energy levels were all over the place due to not eating carbs anymore and not having any refined sugar. This is completely normal though, if you started eating completely differently and working out more you would. However, once I got over that initial hurdle I felt SO GOOD. It completely changed my mentality to the way I look at what I’m eating and seeing it as FUEL. Once I adapted to the plan and found recipes to make that were fufillliing, I felt AMAZING.


The 5 minute ab workout was my favourite thing about the plan. Forever lying on the floor thinking what exercise should I do to work this muscle and ending up just scrolling on Instagram for half an hour. The workout is SO QUICK with high intensity so you feel amazing for it. 10k steps was easier for me too as I am always walking everywhere in Oxford. It’s actually so good for toning the body and using all your muscles; honestly walking is so underrated! Especially the mental benefits, walking through a park, listening to your favourite songs or a podcast can be so much fun!

 What I Learnt? 

The BIGGEST thing I learnt during the plan was how much I was overeating without even realising. By reducing my portion sizes I felt so much better. Feeling full is not a pleasant feeling, you feel super lethargic and it isn’t great for body confidence either. (Ever been to a lovely restaurant ate way too much that when you get up your stomach is so bloated your buttons on your jeans start popping?! Yeah me too!) Also, my energy levels were so much better. I read in a book about Japanese culture called Ikigai that they eat until they are 80% full and I think it isa really interesting topic; because from eating to 80%-100% fullness I felt so much better.

I also learnt that my body really bloats when I eat food with gluten in it. Now that I have finished the plan I am 100% going to apply some of the aspects of the plan into daily life. Particularly the ab workout and 10k steps becausefelt amazing for it , I have never felt so healthy and strong and actually had toned my stomach! I also am going to keep to portion sizes, and minimise the amount of gluten I eat. Maybe 2/3 a week eating bigger carbs like pasta, rice but when I can, eating a gluten free alternative or just sticking to meat with salad/veg.

Best Thing About The Plan? 

The best thing I have found from the plan is delicious recipies. I have created a few myself found some amazing ones online, it’s been really fun getting inventive in the kitchen. The plan is not a typical diet, it is a change of lifestyle. I have learnt so much about my body whilst doing this and feel so much better for it.

If you have any questions about the plan please comment or dm me. If you want to know more or try the plan yourself (you won’t regret it) then click here. Want to know more about Mimi? Check her website out here and her instagram here.

Thanks for reading, be back soon, Hannah xxxx

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