Good evening, hope you are all well. Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my Is It All About Balance post. I love writing abut self improvement, it’s something I am passionate about; and I guess that comes through in my writing! If you didn’t see the post, check it out here. As you liked it so much I thought I’d do another self analysis blog post about failure, so here goes…


Dictionary definition is: Failure is a lack of success in doing or achieving something, especially in relation to a particular activity.

But why has it got such a bad wrap?

All through our lives starting at school we have competitions, sports days, exams, driving tests and more tests where we are congratulated if we come first or get an A (or whatever the number thing is now in the UK… Oh wow I sound old now ahh) and if we don’t pass we FAIL. There’s pressure and stigma around the name.

So what did you get in your biology exam? Did you come first in the running comp? No, I failed. Just the words give me anxiety I don’t know about you. Ive always been a super driven person, very determined to achieve my goals and do well. I thought that failing was so bad, it just wasn’t an option for me. Whereas now, I’m older I think about things a lot more, I’ve read a 100 or more self help books. And now the word failure doesn’t seem so scary.

I am currently re reading a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napeolan Hill. It’s fantastic if you have a business head, an idea or just generally want to thrive in life. In the book there is a whole section on causes of failure from procrastination to over caution to lack of persistence. There are so many reasons why people fail, but what matters more is how you pick yourself up again, right?

Because, in the end failing is amazing. Yes I said it, its fantastic! Failing is just a lesson. Think about a time you failed at something. My last big fail was my driving test (for the third time ouch) at the time all I could think of was wow I’m such a disappoint everyone my ages passes their driving test. Ive done it three times, why is it taking ME so long. Your such a failure. It’s like a catalyst for all failings in your life. You think about that spelling exam you did when you were 10 and got one word wrong.

However when you breath, take a minute you realise that failing is just a part of life. We ALL fail at some point or another at something. If we passed everything we did in life we would all be the same and that would be so BORINGGGGG. Failing means that we learn something about ourselves. We learn why we failed, is it for a reason, is it we weren’t prepared or is it we weren’t ready for the win? Think about the time when you re did an exam or tried again at putting together furniture that you failed at first time. When you finally conquered putting together the Ikea furniture (those instruction manuals tho) doesn’t it feel even more amazing the second time around? When you work hard for something the reward is always so much greater.

I am super happy I am a failure and so should you be! I cannot wait for all the failures that I have in front of me. Because you know what, I will learn from these mistakes and best of all I will improve as a person and self improvement is what its all about! Now, the word failure, you love it too now, right?!

Hannah’s Definition is: Failure is a step towards success.

Lots of love xxxx

“See a failure as a challenge, to modify your approach” – Tony Robbins

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