Hi lovely ones! Bit of a thinking post today, I was chatting to my mum about this and thought it’d be an interesting topic to get us all pondering….

Picture the scene, out for a meal with family and friends and you’ve just eaten a lovely pizza and your thinking: I’m full but there’s like a little space left in my stomach just at the bottom on the right, a little hole waiting for a pudding. (When really your stomach is quite content with the nutritious food you’ve just eaten.) You ask the rest of the table, “Anyone fancy a dessert?” With a cheeky grin on your face like the devil on your shoulder going, “you know you want a pudding…” a few people say they will and you give in to temptation and order a sticky toffee pudding (my personal fave) and quote the classic line, “Well its all about balance isn’t it”. But. Is it really?

So I often quote this line when out with friends and then go on to proceed about how the main meal has just the right balance of veg, carbs and protein that means I can have a cheeky pud. However, it got me thinking is having a pudding really balance? Do we say its all about balance as a way of allowing us mentally to give in to temptation more often? I say it on the basis that I’ve been healthy all week and this is my little treat. But if your going out to eat again two days later and have a pud again is that just indulgence? Or are we just quoting this line to allow ourselves more cheat days in the future?

Now out of the food context, we work all day and then come home to watch our favourite series (at the moment Killing Eve season 2… give me Villanelle’s wardrobe please!) and its 11pm, we know in our heads that we have an early start in the morning and bedtime is calling. But we say, “Well I’ve gone to bed at 10pm every night, we’re allowed one night off, right?” So you end up watching one more episode. Effecting your sleeping pattern and making you groggy the next day.

The same can be applied to fashion. I have to have the newest Gucci handbag. You know you can’t afford it and delivery is three weeks. Too long to wait? Give in to temptation, use your savings and collect it from store next day. This level of impatience isn’t helping us be better versions of ourselves. (Or are bank balance!)

Giving in to temptation, saying we are giving ourselves balance, cheat days, indulge, but I fancy it… all these words that have become part of everyday society are just ways that we have been able to make it easier on us to be naughty! Are we actually being to easy on ourselves these days? Do we need more structure and rules? In our heads we think we’re just having one more pud, or one less hour of sleep but when you add that all up, one month later your 30 pounds heavier and your drinking more coffee because your sleep deprived.

What do you think? Is it all about balance? Or is it really all about saying no and being stricter with ourselves so we are better to our bodies mentally and physically. Just a thought, or a rant to myself to stop eating puddings! Ahaha! Hope you have a lovely week xxx

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