Where do I begin… I spent a week in Sorrento, Italy with my family last week and it was honestly such a dream holiday destination. You arrive in Naples airport (home of the pizza, see Naples and die) then the whole Amalfi Coast is filled with bucket list travel spots. You’ve got Pompeii, Vesuvius, Naples itself, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Capri and you can even get a train to Rome!

For our holiday we focused on Sorrento and Capri. As we only had a week we wanted to really appreciate our time and not rush around doing lots of trips – it also gives the excuse to go back and visit the other areas.


Stunning, exactly how it looks on Pinterest, beautiful cliffs and amazing coastal views. The food on holiday was the best I have had in my life – the pizza is nothing like what you can get in the UK due to the amazing local ingredients used – better for the environment and so much tastier! Famous for lemons and orange trees, they grow everywhere and local cafes sell orange juice fresh, which is divine. Another favourite dish was aubergine parmigiana (this dish alone could convert me to being a vegertarian) and of course pizza and pasta and gelato that you have never tried better.


The most beautiful place on earth. Filled with million dollar villas, yachts with heavenly views and eye dropping designer stores. Just rent on a store in Capri town is £25,000! The boat tour was the best if you ever go to Capri I recommend it; it shows you the real natural beauty of the island.

What To See

Sorrento in the afternoon. Much quieter, all the big tourist groups have gone and you can really appreciate the beauty of the city. Same goes for a Capri town. We visited Anacapri in the morning then Capri town in the afternoon and it was much quieter. However do remember some stores will shut for siesta! (I do love a good afternoon nap)

Want to see more local Italian life? Head to Sant’Agnello the area we stayed in, like a suburb of Sorrento. The weekend is when all the locals are off. Sit in a coffee store or Il Buon Buccone and eat a sfogliatella or spaghetti alla Sorrentina.

What To Do

Shopping! Of course I would say that. I bought the most lovely backpack for just €20 in Giani, it had some really trendy and affordable products. Then there are the Limoncello shops, there are a lot of them and they love handing out free lemon sweets. One sweet I would try is the frozen limoncello drops – candy hard shell with cold limoncello juice inside. So good! Be careful though stores near to Piazza Tasso are more expensive then ones on the little back streets.

If going to Capri, Anacapri is so picturesque filled with more local shops and less busy then Capri town. The views from the top are magnificent too.

What To Eat

As above aubergine parmigiana is a winner. Try seabass or dentex the local fish in the area, eat gnocchi alla Sorretina, my personal favourite, its to die for. Best pasta dish – meatballs and pasta at Il Buon Buccone (according to Dad), such a friendly place with good food. Best pizza and zucchini flowers head to Ristorante Zi’Ntonio. Best gelato goes to Buonocore Gelateria in Capri where the cones are made warm in front of you!

Where To Stay

We stayed at the Majestic Palace Hotel in Sant’Agnello. A traditional Italian hotel with beautiful food, a rooftop martini bar and lovely people. The food was amazing at the hotel – highly recommend!

The people on a holiday is what makes it for me. You could stay at the fanciest hotel in the most beautiful place but if the people are rude it ruins it for me. The Majestic Palace was the epitome of kindness. Every person I met smiled and generally seemed to care when they asked how I was. I was so sad to leave because I didn’t want to say goodbye to this happy place. It made me realise how much kindness matters. It cost nothing, you gain nothing, but it can make all the difference in cheering up someone’s day. I saw a lady hold out her hand on a bus to help someone sit down, people chatting just to be friendly. People being understanding when your Italian isn’t the best and going into the nicest limoncello shop (called Vino In in Sorrento) where the guy offers his pasta he’s eating to you just because he loves it and wants you to experience that too. Thank you Sorrento for showing me such kindness in your food, coastline, beauty and people. I love to learn about culture when I am on holiday and live like the locals. I hope that I can take a little bit of this magic and bring it into my life in Oxford.

Ciao for now Italia, I’ll be back soon! Xxxx

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