Holiday, Celebrate, Holiday, Celebrate… I’ve got this song in my head now!

It’s that time of year when summer holidays are on there way and you need to buy sun tan lotion, hats, bikinis and all those holidays essentials, then pack your suitcases full and jet set into the sunshine. However, before we start dreaming of cocktails by the sea, its holiday prep time and I went to the perfect place to do just that.*

Banbury Gateway Shopping Park has a range of great high street stores including Superdrug, River Island, New Look, Next, M&S and more. I visited the shopping park on Sunday with my parents. First we went to New Look where I found so many fantastic holiday items. (See what I bought on my Instagram soon) I just loved the changing rooms – so many hooks for lots of clothes to try on – yay! The stores are really big and spacious so it means shopping is so much more relaxing. I am one of those people that loves a quite coffee shop and visiting stores when it’s just me – you too? On the subject of coffee shops, my Dad had a lovely time sipping a coffee in Costa while me and mum shopped, we were only an hour or two…

After Mum and I bought some new holiday clothes we headed to Superdrug, meeting caffeinated Dad on the way. I always take face wipes on holiday and face masks to freshen up after flying. The new Superdrug store at Banbury is so big and new. There are SO many products and its laid out nicely too. I spent ages in the skincare aisle. There was also the travel minis and sun tan lotions, I am ready for you sunshine!

To top it off there was free WiFi throughout the shopping park so I could share with you guys instagram stories of my visit. (If you missed it, head to my events highlight). In need of food or drink there’s, Starbucks’s, Costa and McDonalds to keep you energised on your visit.

Banbury Gateway Shopping Park was the perfect shopping destination to get me holiday ready. It was such an enjoyable experience, I might have to book another holiday so I have an excuse to visit again… or the less expensive option of just visiting for shoppings sake. Yes, I will do that instead!

Want to visit too?

When I visited my Dad drove which only took 20 mins, it was super quick! (FYI I do not drive so normally I would take the bus option, helping the environment and all)

By Bus: there is a shuttle bus, B6, from Banbury town to the shopping park

By car: just off the M40, Junction 11

You can even cycle as there is a handy cycle rack – if I could ride a bike I would…

Want any more info head to:

Are you going on holiday this summer? Message me and let me know, I love a bit of holiday inspo! Speak soon, Hannah xx

*This was a paid trip to Banbury Gateway Shopping Park. All thoughts are my own.

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