Good Evening my loves!! Happy New Year! Now I do feel slightly guilty writing this blog post as my last post was June of last year and it was called, “why everyone should take a social media break” the irony 🤦🏻‍♀️ I did not intend to take that much of a break from my blog but you know what life happens and I’m not gonna tell you about all the reasons why I didn’t post and bore you , I’m just gonna get cracking with the first one in 2019! (Hopefully the first of many, this year as I’m focusing on increasing my productivity in 2019 … I wonder why 😂)

Me and my mum have always wanted to go for an afternoon tea. It seems like the perfect mother daughter activity. We both like food and chatting so 2019 we decided to tick off the first thing on the “to do” list and go for afternoon tea. We chose the Farmshop in Bicester Village. First of all, it’s super pretty and the service is amazing in there so we thought by going for tea we were onto a winner.

We got a beautiful stand of delights brought to our table without much of a wait and the colours and presentation lived up to the typical afternoon tea look. We had wonderful salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and cream cheese and ham, cheese and mustard sandwiches. One for each person which was the perfect amount for a tasty treat without the bloating of too much bread. (Not being a sandwich fan I was delighted to find the crusts cut off!) then onto the second course; the almighty scone! Warm and homemade it was delicious and had a slight “ive just been baked” crunch to it. Do you put cream or jam first? Forget about Brexit that’s the real question on everyones lips in 2019 isn’t it?! 👀

Then onto the final plate on the prettiest food tower of them all, cake! An assortment of cakes from frangipane tart to salted caramel brownie to fresh fruits and macarooons. The final plate was so pretty and left the sweetest after taste. What’s even better was the fact that tea and coffee were included in the price. I got a pot of tea which was rather lovely and the hot drink was needed on a rather wintry January day. However I am not the biggest tea drinker (2 teas in the morning, before 9am and I’m done for the day, is that a thing or just me?!) so drinking all the tea ☕️ did take a little effort but mum had some too.

Overall, the service was great, the scenery was lovely (it’s Bicester Village so of course it’s pretty), the food was of high quality and a good quantity too and so was the price at £20 for 2. It was the most wonderful afternoon tea and the best we have ever had 😉, a 10/10 from me and mumma. Here is to more afternoon teas this year and hopefully more blog posts, if you like!

Have the most amazing week my darlings, all my love, Hannah xxxx

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