Hello! Hope your having a great week? This blog post is part of the series of blog posts I am doing as part of my trip to Rhodes. Have you seen my post on Rhodes? Click here to read it. Anyways… I wanted to talk about the subject of social media and taking a break from it whilst I was on holiday.

To begin with, I wasn’t intending on taking a break before we flew out to Greece. I was at the airport thinking, “Have I posted an Insta story yet? Should I post before or after flying? An airport pic?” However, in reality I was rushing through security and completely distracted by duty free that by the time I got on the plane my thoughts of posting were far, far away.

When we got to Rhodes I had to use free WiFi (my mobile data for some reason wasn’t working) and it was far more difficult to be online 24/7 like I am used to at home. The first couple of days just felt odd. I would be holding my phone whilst we sat by the pool and I was thinking what am I doing? I had urges to post and check my Twitter feed.

But then I took more time to just sit and think and really be present in the moment which is something I find difficult to do. I always focus on the future whereas I had to really fully understand what was happening right there and then. Which was amazing creatively for me as I had a beautiful sea view to inspire me!

Towards the end of the week the pressure and slight anxiety I felt had drifted and more creative ideas came bubbling to the surface. I full appreciated what was around me and started to enjoy the experience even more because I was 100% in the moment.

To conclude, having a social media break is HARD. Our whole lives revolve around it 24/7 365 days a year. However, if you can take yourself out of a situation or be in a place where you can’t use your phone it can be sooo beneficial. I know it’s odd for me to say this as a blogger when your comments and messages and interaction mean everything to me but you gotta do what you gotta do!

In a book I’m reading at the moment about decision making; it said that sitting in a dark room with no noise can actually promote creative thoughts. So while on holiday there was a dark part of one of the museums and it was kinda empty at the time… so i tried it … a little bit hard to concentrate as I was boiling hot and thinking about what I was gonna be eating in a few hours but I definitely  felt clearer in the head… anyone else tried this?!

Overall it has left me in a better place going back to social media with more perspective, more creative thoughts and more importantly a clear mind ready for a new week.

Speak soon xx

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