Kalimera! (Good Morning) as I would of been saying a few days ago when I went to Rhodes in Greece. Yes, this is my first ever travel blog post which I’m super excited about! I went for a week to the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes and it was such an amazing experience. I’ve posted some photos on my Instagram stories, make sure to check them out… the poll said you wanted to see a blog post about my trip so here goes!



Where I Stayed

In terms of the island I stayed at a hotel called the Rodos Palace which is based in Ixia just a few miles along the West coast from Rhodes town. It was the perfect location for being able to get to the town and also right in front of the beach. The hotel was flawless, if you ever go to Rhodes you must stay there (even the Greek Prime Minister stayed there!) The staff were so so lovely and the hotel was full of things to do as well as all the pools 😍 Click here to take a look at the hotels website.



First of all. I love Greece. The culture, the people, the weather and omg the FOOD! Even though my blog focuses on fashion, food is the other love in my life lol. I got to try so many amazing dishes during my trip including local delicacies like Bougatsa, Greek yoghurt, flower honey, halva, moussaka…. I could go on and on.

IMG_0087_Facetune_31-05-2018-14-57-182018-05-23 14_01_34.863.jpg


One of the things I enjoyed the most was trying new things and learning about different cultures. In Rhodes town I visited a few museums including the Archaeological Museum and the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. They had pottery that was dated BC. BC! I could not comprehend how I was seeing such beautiful craftsmanship on these artifacts that were from SO long ago! I didn’t realise what a positive experience it is mentally to explore and try new things. Being on holiday gave me a lot of time for reflection and having the opportunity to understand and appreciate culture like I did , I felt very fortunate indeed.

The ONLY negative of the holiday was the mosquitoes. I didn’t realise I should of put insect repellent on. I leave it at that. Lesson learnt Hannah ahaha .


Exciting News!

Whilst being on holiday it gave me a lot of time to think creatively and reflectively so I have a series of blog posts coming up based on the trip including holiday packing help, what beauty products to take (SPFFFFFF) and why everyone should take a social media break.

Lots of love as always xxxx

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