Good evening!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Last Wednesday it was my mum’s birthday and to celebrate we went to Kensington Palace and saw the Diana exhibition. My mum has always loved Diana’s style and personality and has wanted to go to the exhibition for so long!

For those of you that don’t know a lot about Diana, she was formerly Lady Diana Spencer  and mother to Prince William and Harry. Given the title the “People’s Princess”, she had a major influence on people and what people wore at the time. She was known for wearing lots of loafers, ruffled white shirts and velvet hairbands. In 1991 she was photographed for Vogue highlighting her role in the fashion industry. She knew the power of fashion.

Back to the day! We arrived at the palace just before 2pm (tickets are timed so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there). It was so lovely to walk through Hyde Park on the way to the palace, I definitely want to go back in the Summer…. sooo Instagram worthy. I do recommend going to Kensington Palace in the afternoon. There are less large groups and it is a lot quieter to walk round and enjoy it. I did hear as well that there would be long queues into the palace and into the Diana exhibition but we had none!




Walking into the palace was so beautiful its such a big and grand house in the middle of London. Walking round the house was so enchanting, it was really interesting learning the history of all the people that have lived there. I also loved looking out the windows onto the large and colourful, landscaped gardens and imagining what it would be like to live there and look out onto the amazing view.



Then we arrived at the Diana exhibition and went on an emotional journey through her life. One of my favourite things about the exhibition was all the quotes about her from different fashion designers. It showed how much of an impact Diana had had on people and particularly the fashion world.


The exhibition was split into three main rooms which showcased Diana’s dresses. It was amazing to be so up close to styles she actually wore. Then there was another section which included sketches of designs that Diana would wear. It even included notes that Diana had written about what she liked or wanted to change. Seeing the process from paper to fabric brought it all together for me.

Some of the dresses were very famous like the dress Diana wore when she danced with John Travolta. Another dress was designed by Gianni Versace; and this was my favourite one. It was placed in the middle of the room and everyone walked around it in awe. As you moved it sparkled and on a closer look it was astonishing to see the intricate details on the dress that had been crafted so beautifully. It is also quite a special dress because before Diana adopted Royal tradition to wear only British designers. However, once her Royal duties ended it allowed her to try out different designers; so truly an iconic dress. The dress can be seen in the picture below.


I do not want to tell you much more because it was one of the most wonderful exhibitions I have been fortunate enough to see and I want you to go see it too! Princess Diana was a truly remarkable woman and it shone through in what she wore.

On another note, some of the outfits were very 80s/ early 90s featuring trends like big shoulder pads, gingham, pastels and Prince of Wales check which are all styles that are so on trend now. Lots of the pieces that Diana wore would not been out of place today. This made me think about how Diana’s style would have evolved if she had not sadly passed away. What do you think she would of worn? How would it have effected society and the introduction of online shopping?

I want to end this blog post on a quote that was featured at the exhibition by a fashion designer called, Geeta Sarin. For me the quote sums up Diana as a style icon perfectly and depicts the importance of what you wear and the effect it can have…

“She knew she was the most photographed woman in the world and she wanted to use that… to help others.”

Have a lovely week my loves, speak soon xxx

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