Hello! Happy Monday! If your not feeling positive and motivated this Monday, click here to read my previous post about being positive and a must watch video!

Today’s blog post is all about designing my own phone cases with CaseApp!

CaseApp allows you to design your own custom cases and skins. You can customise lots of different devices including iPhone’s, iPad’s, Samsung, laptop, Macbook, Nokia, HTC you name it you’ll most probably be able to design your own case for it!

So how do you do it? Well, CaseApp have a number of designs that you can choose from as your base or you can upload a picture yourself. What I love about this is that you can be as creative as you want and let your personality shine through in your custom case. Especially when phone cases and skins are something that most of us have on us all the time. So why not show off your style with your case?

As part of the design process I chose one design base that CaseApp already offered which was white marble. White marble is just one of those really Instagrammable textures at the moment and it looks good with everything! For my other design I chose a plain black background as I wanted to have text on it that was bold and eye catching.

Once you have decided your background there are a number of little pictures and icons you can add including hearts and slogans. As well as this you can add text in a variety of fonts, colours and sizes. You really can be as creative as you like! Then when you have finished designing your case or skin you then just have to decide whether you want it to be glossy or matte and your done!


I received my custom phone cases yesterday and the packaging was super fun and contained a lovely note with a thank you for customising your device. On seeing the products in real life I was very pleased on how high quality the cases were. They looked amazing and I was so pleased with how my designs came out.


Would you like to design your own custom cases or laptop skins??

Go to caseapp.co.uk now to have a little look at their range and have a go at designing yourself! If you do want to purchase your design I have a code for 20% off! Use the code: HANNAHAUSTYN20 for 20% off your custom case!!

Get some inspo for your designs at CaseApp’s Instagram page here.

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think about my iPhone case designs! Have a lovely rest of your week, speak soon xxx



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