Hi everyone, its Friday today, yay, its nearly weekend time!

So, I did a poll on my Instagram yesterday asking how all of you were feeling. The sun was shining and I was super excited to go to the Ideal Home Show (check out my insta stories for more on this!) . The poll results were 83% of you voted for not happy!

After doing the poll, I thought it was important to talk about how to feel more positive and stop feeling like everything is on top of you. Sometimes I find you can get yourself into a rut with all the pressures of daily life, like: How come this didn’t work? Why haven’t I made a million yet? What is wrong with me?  Am I doing this right? Pressuring yourself is not good. Sometimes when things get too much I like to think about all the great things I have done already. Yes it is okay to feel proud of yourself! If there is something in particular that is really bothering you or something at work your finding hard try to think about all the good things you’ve done. How far you have come already. All the progress you have made so far in life and what is truly important to you.

For example, It was hard for me to right this post because I don’t want to come across badly, I have never written a blog post like this, what if people don’t like it or oh my I may say the wrong thing. OMG. See now I am pressuring myself! It is so easy to let everything become to much and just give up. Then your sitting there scrolling through Instagram for an hour and you haven’t done anything productive with your day. (It can so easily be done!) Then I saw some messages I had received on Instagram from you lovely people and It inspired me to write this post. I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness and support it means the world to me and I love, love, love to know all your thoughts. To conclude this if you have even 2 minutes to spare in your day today please watch this video by Gary Vee. If you don’t know him, get to know him! Click the link here <—–to watch it! It is called the Ultimate Advice for every 20 year old. It doesn’t matter what age you are though it is such honest advice. It is such a good video on helping you focus on you, being realistic about your goals and expectations in life and LOVING THE PROCESS.

If you do get a chance to watch it DM me on social media and let me know your thoughts on all of this!

On another note, today I am doing a Reserved Insta story mini haul thing on my Instagram and if you miss it I have put it in the “INSPO” section of my Instagram story highlights. Click here to check out my Instagram and DM your thoughts! I have got lots more coming up and I cannot wait to share it with you all. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Love yourself, Love what your doing and just Love the process of life. Speak soon xxx


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