Do you know what day it is today, the 8th March? Its International Women’s Day! The main colours that are adopted for women’s day is white, purple and green. Why don’t you sport these colours today?

To celebrate this wonderful day,  I have put together a few of my fave inspirational women’s quotes and on my Instagram Story I’ll be sharing a few more. So check it out here.

  1. Love Yourself


I mean she is a style icon … Love yourself!


  1. Dream Big


Charlotte Tilbury is the ultimate Girl Boss. She’s the make up artist to Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid. If you have a dream to be the next Beyoncé or want to be the next women in space. If you have a dream, dream big and do it.

  1. Be Yourself


From the legend that is Coco Chanel. It’s so important to be yourself, no one else can be you.

  1. Shine bright (like a diamond…)



Maya Angelou was an American poet, singer and civil rights activist. She was a very inspirational figure and her poems were filled with motivation for women across the globe. Whatever your passion is, shine from within. Ok, now I’m gonna search for Diamonds by Rihanna on Spotify…



  1. If Beyoncé said it, it must be true (insert sassy emoji here)



In the words of the legend, the one and only Beyoncé; who run the world? Girls! We shouldn’t just be celebrating women on the 8th March but every day! Love and support your favourite ladies every day.


If these quotes have inspired you to dream big why don’t you write all your ideas down in this #GirlBoss notebook from Coconut Lane. Click here to take a look! (Remember my code “HANNAHAUSTYN20″ for 20% off at checkout!”

Enjoy your week, speak soon, lots of love xxx










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