Good Morning! I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I am gonna get straight to the point with this blog post.

The inspiration for today’s blog post is Ryan Serhant. If you haven’t seen Million Dollar Listing NY (omg you need to watch it now its like Made in Chelsea meets real estate!) then to sum up he is a real estate sales person in New York that does really well; selling apartments and homes worth millions of dollars.

Ryan posted on Instagram a couple of days ago a clip from his latest vlog (if you want to get into real estate and see what it is really like check it out here) and in the caption he asked his followers “What is your why?”

What is your purpose in life? Why do you do what you do? Why do you go to work? WHY? I think it is so important to know what your why is in life. If you know why you want to do things it will motivate you so much more. Knowing what your why is will give you that passion, determination and drive you need to succeed in whatever it is your doing.

For me, my why is because I want to be successful in everything I do and I don’t want to grow old and have any regrets or think what if I had tried that little bit harder. Or what if I had worked harder? This is the why the drives me to be better everyday.

I know I normally blog about fashion and lifestyle but in the last six months or so motivation and mindset books and vlogs and podcasts have become a real hobby of mine and I really love sharing it with you. That is why I started my success inspiration monthly blog post. I hope that one day I can somehow combine my love of fashion and motivational speaking into a career! While I figure that out have a little think about what is your why. It might just give you a better perspective on your day.

Lots of love and more fashion soon ahha xxx

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