Hello! I hope everyone has had a productive Monday! I am so excited writing this blog post I don’t know how to begin because I went to my first ever blog event this Saturday and it was amazing…

The event was created by two lovely bloggers called Giulia Smith and Ana De-Jesus (Instagram names: @giuliafsmith and @faded_spring). The event had lots of different brands there, a flower wall and gif photobooth (I was obsessed!), talks throughout the event from very inspiring bloggers on different areas of blogging and pink cocktails.

Each blogger that came to the event got a goodie bag; which I have put together an Instagram story showcasing all of this, you can find it in my highlight section. There were lots of different brands there from sunglasses to cakes to skincare. It was really good to find out about new, up and coming brands and to be able to speak to people about them that were really passionate and enthusiastic about their products.

As well as this there were talks throughout the event from really successful bloggers. Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear all of them (as I was distracted by the photobooth, flower wall and brand stalls) but I did hear two talks by Lauren Black (@imlaurenblack) on how to become a full time blogger and Valerie Wyndham (@officialsocalval)  on confidence and positivity in blogging. It was so nice to hear from such inspiring bloggers and they were so lovely too! Getting to speak to them afterwards and ask them questions was so insightful for me as a new blogger.

However, the best thing for me at the event was the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I met some really lovely people at the event and it was so nice to talk to people that had the same interests as me and discussing and sharing our blogs and social media handles!

I cannot wait for the next event and to see everyone again. Below are lots of pictures from the event I’ll be posting lots of them on Instagram too! Hope everyone has a wonderful week, and omg, how is it gonna be February already??! Speak soon xxx

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