Hello! Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, it went by so fast didn’t it?? I don’t know about you but I definitely ate a lot and drank a lot over the festive period! Now its back to exercising again and trying to eat healthily… i say trying! Ha!

Its that time of year where everyone’s made new years resolutions and your struggling to actually commit to them or maybe you’ve not even bothering, thinking you won’t be able to make them last. Well this year after being inspired by all my success books I have been reading recently and also my new favourite hobby of watching Tony Robbins videos ( see previous post for more on this…). I decided that I didn’t want to make New Year resolutions this year, instead goals. By making specific goals with time constraints they feel more definite and I feel more empowered to do them. I also figured if I write a blog post about it too it will motivate me more!

Some of the goals I set for myself is for my blog, this year I am going to be creating a lot more content and be more consistent on here and my social media. Every month I will be doing the Success post; all about whats inspiring me; it might be a book, an article, video or a person. I will also be doing a video at least once a month as well as more outfit posts and I have already put together a lot of exciting bits so everyone is ready for the new trends coming up throughout the year.

Let me know how your new years goals are going… Do you feel motivated enough to continue them throughout the year? Lets set goals not resolutions, small steps to make ourselves better and happier in 2018! I hope everyone has a lovely week, speak soon xxx


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