As mentioned before in blog posts I do suffer with acne as well as dry skin. The other day I was thinking and I realised that I do wear quite a lot of make up on a daily basis.  I tend to wear a BB cream when I’m going to work which is mostly every day and that my skin was feeling really clogged up and even when I cleansed my skin in the evenings it still didn’t feel as fresh as I’d like it too. Also, this really wasn’t helping my acne, redness was getting worse and skin didn’t seem so bright.  So, I decided that I would try to not wear any make up at all for two weeks (apart from my eyebrows and curling my eyelashes!)

I tried this for the two weeks and I increased the amount I do for my cleansing routine. I used La Roche Posay Effeclar and then used my Botanic’s hydrating cream every day as well as cleansing and toning using my Botanic’s All Brights toner and toning spritz . I did this every day for two weeks and also started exfoliating using my Botanic‘s exfoliating scrub the results were actually really surprising.  I didn’t think it would make so much difference! My skin felt so much brighter and felt so much clearer.

From trying this out I realised that to help my acne and to reduce redness as well as brighten my skin I need to reduce the amount of makeup I wear on a daily basis and limit it to full on make up for nights out and  special events and stuff like that. Then when I do use make up I’m going to start adding a drop of oil to my foundation which I use the picture perfect foundation from Lola make up.

I made the mistake of not cleansing my brushes and sponges as much as I should and definitely bacteria from this did not help my acne. Also, after wearing heavy makeup I now deeply cleanse my face using Formulas cleansing brush and it’s really lovely on my skin its like getting a facial but a home! I just use it with my normal cleanser on a low speed and it just really gets into your pores and definitely again my skin feels brighter and clearer and I think definitely if you have acne I have found that this is really helped me.

From not wearing so much make up every day and cleansing better and when I do my make up making sure I cleanse properly and thoroughly and then obviously hydrating my skin properly after doing that I’ve definitely found my skin is so much better and I’m hoping that by doing all of this as well as using face masks to really hydrate my skin I really hope that my skin finally one day will not be as red and I will have clear glowing skin!

Remember if you want to try out any of the Botanics products I use or check out their range use my code “BOTANICS25” for 25% off at Boots checkout! As well as my code for Lola Makeup “HANNALOLA10” !!

I’m really excited because next week it’s my BIRTHDAY and I’ll be doing some exciting stuff on my blog and on my Instagram and all my social media thanks guys! Have a good week xxx

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