Hi my loves!

I haven’t posted regularly for a while, had the summer off and took a little break. Then it came to September and reality hit back to work etc. I kind of lost the rhythm of posting regularly and my inspiration was lacking. So the last couple of weeks I’ve really been trying to get back into things.

Then last week I was really trying to think of inspiration for posts etc and Fashion Week started in London so I cannot wait to post about that. I had a retail therapy shopping trip and just really got back into the swing of things!

To top off the beginning of back to blogging I was contacted by Botanics. They are a skincare range in the UK using high quality plant extracts and launched in 1995. They have a range of products from facial skincare to hair to aromatherapy and for different types of people too; their ranges are perfect for everyone from hydration boost to triple age renewal. I have now become an ambassador for the company and will be posting a lot more about their products including some product reviews and general inspo on my Instagram using their plant philosophy. Whenever you see the hasthtag #thePlantOne its Botanics!

Best of all… Botanics have been so generous in offering me a special discount code for my friends, family and followers to use on the Boots website! Just use the code “BOTANICS25” and click here to join me in trying this natural skincare company!

To conclude… and the reason for my random blog post title; In Beyonce’s Freedom song from her Lemonade album at the end of the song it says: “I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.” It is a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude. So when your feeling down just keep a positive mind and all will fall in to place! I am so excited for my upcoming projects and blog posts coming and especially to be working with Botanics!

Have a good week my loves xx





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