I know it’s August and probably some people are still on holiday BUT I cannot help get so excited for the new season pieces coming in! I’m going to do a full blog post on the new trends for Autumn Winter but I thought a good starting place for the new trends is with the sock boot.

The sock boot to me looks a little bit like if you crossed a sock with a kitten heel or a court shoe heel and blended it all into one beautiful colour; so it looked just like a sock and a boot! At the catwalk I saw Balenciaga do them with effortless style and bold prints and colours making this trend such a statement and I think a real investment piece for the upcoming season. The Balenciaga sock boot below is velvet pink and will cost you £685 on Net-a-Porter! 


British Vogue did a great article recently on their top 10 sock boots rn so I thought I’d do my own too…

Pictures on my Instagram are of the purple sock boots from Missguided i bought below: IMG_1069.JPG

They sold out instantly (probably because they featured in their promo video for new season) and also come in a bright pink which is so beautiful! The pink version is still available at the link here. They have quite a few other sock boots at the £40 price point definitely worth checking out; some glittery almost velvet looking ones, which is definitely worth a look considering velvet is a big trend for autumn winter too.

Topshop also feature quite a few bright sock boots and I saw one in store again in sale in a dark sparkly black colour (not in my size 😭) .  Below are HUBBA pointed sock boots from Topshop for £52; check them out at the link here

Zara’s selection are very classy and I think if your a real fashionista the sock boots with kitten heels are a real buy.  The sock boot below is from Zara and comes in yellow too i love the boldness of the colour and red is one of the big colours for AW17. Check these out at the link here. 


With this trend I think the brighter and bolder you go the better. It’s a statement piece and I think an investment piece for this upcoming season and the best part (well with the pair I have at least) they are sooo COMFY!! 🎉

More blog posts up soon, much love as always, Hannah x

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