Here is a selection of my favourite statement tees right now …

From top left going across:

1. Zara

2. H&M

2nd row:

3. Zara

4. Missguided

3rd row:

5. Missguided

6. Missguided

7. River Island

4th row:

8. Missguided

9. Topshop

10. Boohoo (All Girls campaign feat. the beaut Frankie Gaff)

I love a statement tee; there perfect to wear with jeans and a nice tailored jacket and heels for a more dressed up look or even dressed down with trainers and a denim jacket. At the moment I really like a statement tee with something really dressy on top like a slip dress or a pleated skirt. A t shirt tones down the girlyness and I really like that. I think I wear them a lot cause there so versatile and so easy to grab and put on when your just popping out.

More coming soon xx


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